• Strawberry shortcake
  • Berkshire Pork Loin Chop with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes
  • Gulf Redfish filet atop a Johnnycake and fresh asparagus spears

Hobnob Corner

About us

An artisan-inspired restaurant nestled in the heart of Nashville, Indiana. Once you enter our doors, you will be surrounded by rustic charm, history, and honest food. House-made, handmade, innovative yet familiar and comforting, prepared by people who care and love food. We are friendly, and approachable and pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable and cozy in our family-run business featuring the culinary stylings of Chef Eric Reid Cole.

Raised in Brown County, Indiana, Chef Eric immersed himself in the preparation and appreciation of food from his earliest memories. His parents, Warren and Betsy Cole, have owned and operated Hobnob Corner Restaurant since December of 1979, and from as early as he can remember they instilled an appreciation for the quality of food, variety, and uniqueness in everyday life. He also remembers always having a bountiful garden at home every summer. It was those summer days growing up caring for the garden and making fresh meals at home from its selection that planted the seeds for his future.

Influenced by his Father's and Grandfather's love for cooking, as well as their delight in exploring and creating recipes, Eric chose from an early age to pursue Culinary Arts as a career. He was fortunate to study at the premier Culinary Institute of America in New York, where he excelled in his class and graduated in 2004. He proceeded to expand his skills within the kitchen of the Conrad Hilton Indianapolis, as a member of the staff that launched the first five-star restaurant in the entire state of Indiana. He later worked at Marin County's iconic Lark Creek Inn (California). While his career took him across the United States, his heart has always been in Brown County where he returned home to take over the kitchen of the family business.

Chef Eric's exciting take on offerings has developed quite the following of patrons with his 'AFTER FIVE' menu. This specialty menu highlights dishes that are innovative, modern, and delightful, providing a dining experience that is unique and unmatched in the area--from the first savory bite to the last.

As a chef, he loves working with fish delivered fresh from Louisville, as well as, creating tantalizing vegetarian selections. He especially enjoys the versatility of pork. In 2014, he participated in a weekend 'Nose to Tail' course to study Charcuterie. Since then he has produced many varieties of homemade sausages, including Chorizo, Italian, and Bratwurst, and for the 2015 National Maple Syrup Festival, he is introducing a tasty Maple Garlic Sausage. Periodically he also makes his own breaded Pork Tenderloin and features a variety of Pork Chops entrees on the seasonal and 'AFTER FIVE' menus.

The Hobnob Wine Selection is extensive and carefully tested and chosen by Chef Eric and his Father, Owner Warren Cole. They share a particular enthusiasm and love of wines, especially Spanish red wines, which they often highlight on their menu. They are both able and ready to assist in the selection of a wine that pairs well with a particular entree.

Therefore, whether this is your first visit or your hundredth, we take great gratification in serving you food that is both satisfying and memorable. Please visit our website for our menu and upcoming menu changes, special events, and music performances. Like us on Facebook and let us know what you crave and enjoy!